Working Contract with The Indonesian Power Plant Company

In the middle of August 2013, Lippo Translator has been trusted to handle the Translation Job with The Indonesian Power Plant Company, PT Cikarang Listrindo.  This company located at Cikarang Industrial Estate, Jababeka,  Cikarang, Bekasi, West Java, Indonesian.  As a growing power company which intends to expand its electricity capacities, the company wants to build one plant at a new location at Cikarang.  Therefore it is required to own Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Environmental Monitoring also Management Plan (EMP).  These document are completely worked and have been legalized by authorized parties including Local Government and  Local House of Parliament and now this document would be delivered to some foreign  stakeholders.  For  that reason, these document should be translated in English, as a international language.  Lippo Translator has been trusted and appointed to do this project.

In order to be able to complete this project properly and meets its tight deadline, Lippo Translator hired about five translators from Jakarta.    The deadline of this project took about two weeks (14 days), and we must use all available resources to translate EIA, particularly when it relates to some terminologies which should be understood by related engineering or expert.   For that reason, out team are continuously working together  with company's team to synchronize about some terminology related with the EIA and EMP document.  Because of too many terminologies and content should be adjusted in order to be able easily understood by foreign investor, it is needed some revisions and the process still undergoing by now.

EIA document and its supported document as the primary requirements for any companies who intends to build its factories which estimated would be affecting to the surrounding environment.  The surrounding environment covers human, residential, economic,  animal and plants, social-economic condition and so on.
When EIA has been conducted and showed there is no any company's activities will may harm or damage the surrounding, then the project construction could be implemented.  Otherwise, it should be stopped because it gave a bad effect to the environment and human who lives nearby.