Translating The Procurement of Government Goods and Service Document

Recently Lippo Translator was hired to translate a bundle document of Procurement of Government Goods and Service.  This job had related with one of our partner had won the tender which held by MCI, as one of partnership of MDG's (Millennium Development Goals).  MDGs as we already known as one of International Organization who had a concern for assisting the world third country or Under Development Country , including Indonesia in order to raise their capability in managing their own countries.

As we thought, most problem on Under development country or Growing Countries was corruption, poor, unbalancing economic development, human right and so on where the basic problem was a poor economic condition and politic unstable,  therefore these root problems were afforded to be solved by this MDGs along with the actively participation from government.

One of most concern of this international program was corruption level at the under development countries which mostly increasing in each year.  The corruption was mostly come from the procurement activities of government  goods/service, because the inconsistent regulation and lack of law enforcement.

Therefore, MDGs through MCI as its representative in Indonesia, was very concern about that an willing to review the procurement's procedure in Indonesia , particularly for government goods/and service.  For made this job done, the organization hold a tender to select some translation bureau in Jakarta to do this job.
Fortunately, one of our partnership had won this tender and appointed to assign this translation work and Lippo Translator was assigned to translate several procurement document of Government goods/service in the format of Power Point and Ms Word.

These document were in a great number, but by maintaining a good commitment and working hard, finally we could finish to translate this project on time.

Thanks for our customer's trust on our service and our partnership...