In the late of January 2014, Lippotranslator has been trusted to handle intepreter job at PT. Kiyodo Yushui which located at Industrial Estate, Delta Mas, Central Cikarang, Bekasi Regency, West Java Province.  Kiyodo Yushi, as a new foreign investment company from Japan, which established at 2013, willing to start a business in Indonesia and selected Cikarang as the location of its factory.  One guest from Japan had arrived to give some presentation and training, therefore they urgently needed a Japanese Translator from Translation Agency.  

As one of translation agency, Lippo Translator had served a translation service in some pair language, included Japanese - Indonesia Interpreter.  We had been contacted by one of company staff to provide any assistant in Japanese interpreter for one month.  Because commonly, the most job we handled is English translation (written and interpreter), therefore we took time to search translator from our network.  Fortunately, we didn't need to spend much time to get a Japanese translator which is qualified and reliable.  Although he lived a quite distance from Cikarang, but he would like to be hired by us, only he took a time to get here, because he lived at Majalengka, West Java.  He could promise us that he would have arrived  at next Monday and ready to work.

In Monday, we together with the translator headed to PT Kiyodo Yushi to meet with the user.  At the company, we meet with the company staff which called us and president director.  Japanese person was very polite and friendly, and our translator was directly tested to communicate in Japanese.  The translator looked speaking fluently and his communication is not quite different with native. Mr President Director looked satisfied and then one technical  director who handled a specific work called to joint us.  Then , he also tested our translator communication and he also looked satisfied with our translator's ability.

After the season completed, we represented Lippo Translator had been given approval from the company to do interpreter work for three months only but it might be extended up to one month.  As a sign of approval, we already received down payment from the company for translator fee and the outstanding fee will be completed after the job done.