Not longer after we gained an interpreter job from PT Daikin Air Conditioning, we've been called  from PT Berlina, Tbk, as plastic tool manufacturing in Cikarang.  One of Training Staff contacted us to ask whether we could provide Mandarin translation  assistance for the company.  We approved they request, even though there was undergoing interpreter job at PT. Dowa and PT. Daikin Air Conditioning.

It wasn't taking a long time to look for and hired new mandarin interpreter.  We asked one of our interpreter whether he had a relative or colleague who able to interpret Mandarin fluently.  Fortunately, our interpreter could help us and gave us the contact of his friend.  We immediately contacted the number, and the person we contacted willing to help us as mandarin interpreter, because he had a free time and willing to help us.  Alhamdulillah, because the interpreter already available, so we contacted our client soon, and told that we were ready for help.

Firstly, it was easy to fix up the schedule, because the guest still on the way to Indonesia, so we experienced some schedule change.  The schedule, firstly started from  Thursday until Monday (skipped Sunday), then it changed that started from Friday, finally it was fixed on Saturday.  So, the job was started from Saturday, Sunday, Monday and ended on Tuesday.  Phew, finally we got the schedule fixed.  It wasn't easy way, telephone ranged all day.   After the schedule fixed, we contacted our interpreter soon and informed him about the new schedule and anything matters he should know during the job undergoing.

Because the job was done at holiday (Sunday), we already informed to the client that we charged overtime fee per hour and the client could understand that and approved our request.  But the job took two location, namely Tangerang (two days, Saturday - Sunday) and Cikarang (two days, Monday - Tuesday).  We also informed to our interpreter, and he could accept it.

Now, the job had been completed on time at the last Tuesday, and everything went well.  Our client deeply appreciated us for our help and good service we served. We hope we could can enhance our service for the future client. May Allah bless our business to grow better in the future. Thanks for all support given by our client for our business.